North Water

BOD was tasked with finding a creative video concept to highlight North Water’s luxury status and promote the property’s leasing efforts. We did not want to create just another property video that plots from space to space. Our goal was to come up with an idea that was completely unique and showed North Water’s luxury in a context that was both relatable and entertaining to its target audience.

Creative discovery revealed a number of ideas, but one concept stood out from the rest. Titled “Carpe Diem”, our story focuses on a young couple living at North Water and their playful competition on who can make the most of a single day.

Carpe Diem

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Storyboards and animatics enable the client to envision the story before any filming takes place.

Carpe Diem Animatic

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Character filming was completed in one day, minimizing any impact on residents.

North Water Brochure Video

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